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What's new on our site

We've made a number of changes that may be of interest to you. In addition to the Stories from the Field featured on the home page, here's a list of notable changes and where to find them:

Page-size maps of Wisconsin
sample image of page-size map

We've posted high-resolution PDFs of seven of our most popular page-size maps online. You'll find bedrock geology, early vegetation, groundwater contamination susceptibility, ice age deposits, landscapes, soil regions, and thickness of unconsolidated material. High-quality printed versions of these maps are all available for ordering.

Page location: Publications > Online publications: Page-size maps of Wisconsin

Open-file reports
sample map available as open-file report

Interested in viewing our open-file reports of unpublished data? We've posted PDFs for nearly all of our open-file reports prepared since 2000. Printed copies of all of our reports, dating back to 1902, are available to order for a small charge.

Page location: Publications > Publication lists: Open-file reports

GIS data

We've greatly expanded our list of downloadable digital datasets of our published maps. At no charge, you can download zipped files containing GIS data, metadata, a georeferenced image of the maps, plus a PDF of the map and accompanying report. The data is also available for order on CD-ROM.

Page location: Data > Digital datasets (downloadable data)

Minerals of Wisconsin
Phenakite, a mineral found in Wisconsin We're now hosting Dr. William S. Cordua's database of minerals found in Wisconsin. Search for over 300 minerals by name or location. Learn about the locations of unusual mineral specimens in Wisconsin, which minerals were first reported in Wisconsin, the uses and properties of minerals, and more.
Page location: Stories from the field (home page) > Minerals of Wisconsin database

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