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Dave Hart showing groundwater model to students

David J. Hart
Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Wisconsin–Extension
Affiliated faculty
Hydrogeology Group
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Tel 608/262.2307 Fax 608/262.8086
email djhart@wisc.edu

Research interests

At the WGNHS we strive to conduct science that is useful to the citizens of Wisconsin. We communicate the results of that science to local and state government, private citizens, and other interested parties, such as planning commissions and environmental consultants. My interests include hydrogeology and near-surface geophysics. My areas of research include wellhead protection, water use, the application of near-surface geophysics to geologic and hydrogeologic problems, and the development of techniques to understand the role of aquitards in flow systems.

My interest in groundwater education has taken me into the classroom. I am an instructor for workshops for teachers who want to learn to use an interactive groundwater model (a model is pictured above) to demonstrate concepts such as flow through various types of materials. I am also working on a digital three-dimensional representation of Wisconsin’s aquifers for teachers to incorporate into their lesson plans.

Current projects

Mechanisms of flow across aquitards in southeastern and east-central Wisconsin
Regional hydrogeology of southeastern Wisconsin
Geophysical techniques to map the effluent plume from residential septic systems
Identifying karst using geophysics
Groundwater use and sustainability in Wisconsin

Selected publications/presentations

Flow across aquitards
Bradbury, K.R., Gotkowitz, M.B., Hart, D.J., Eaton, T.T., Cherry, J.A., Parker, B.L., Borchardt, M.A., in press, Contaminant Transport Through Aquitards: Technical Guidance for Aquitard Assessment: Awwa Research Foundation.

Bradbury, K.R., Hart, D.J., and Gotkowitz, M.B., 2004, Field comparison of methods for collecting hydraulic head profiles across an aquitard: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 36, no. 5.

Hart, D.J., Bradbury, K.R., Cherry, J.A., Gotkowitz, M.B., Parker, B.L., 2005, Heterogeneous vertical hydraulic conductivity in an aquitard as determined by head profiles and pumping tests: Eos Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, v. 86, no. 52, Fall Meeting Supplement, Abstract H32A-04.

Hart, D.J., Bradbury, K.R., and Feinstein, D.T., 2006, Impacts of multiple aquifer wells on groundwater flow in southeastern Wisconsin: American Water Resources Association, Wisconsin Chapter 30th Annual Meeting, Program and Abstracts.

Hart, D.J., Bradbury, K.R., and Feinstein, D.T., 2006, The vertical hydraulic conductivity of an aquitard at two spatial scalesGround Water, v. 44, no 2, p. 201-211.  [Article in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.]

Courtier, A.M., Hart, D.J., and Christensen, N.I., 2004, Seismic properties of Leg 195 serpentinites and their geophysical implications, in Shinohara, M., Salisbury, M.H., and Richter, C. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, v. 195.

Fratta, D., and Hart, D.J., 2005, Geophysical study for the evaluation of sinkholes at the Blackhawk Park Retention Pond, Interim Report and Engineering Recommendations: Submitted to the City of Madison, 34 p.

Hart, D.J., and Hammond, W.S., 2002, Measurement of hydraulic conductivity and specific storage using the shipboard Manheim squeezer, in Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program: Initial reports, seafloor observatories and the Kuroshio Current, covering Leg 195 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Apra Harbor, Guam, to Keelung, Taiwan; sites 1200-1202, 2 March-2 May 2001.

Hart, D.J., and Thomas, C.T., 2004, Using time-domain electromagnetics to map the transition of an aquifer to an aquitard, in Timms, W., and others (eds.), 18th annual SAGEEP Proceedings: Geophysical Solutions for Today’s Challenges, 780-789 X-CD Technologies, Atlanta.

Hart, D.J., and Wang, H.F., 1995, Laboratory measurements of a complete set of poroelastic moduli for Berea sandstone and Indiana limestone: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 100, p. 17,741-17,744.

Hart, D.J., and Wang, H.F., 2001, A single test method for determination of poroelastic constants and flow parameters in rocks with low hydraulic conductivities: International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences, v. 38, p. 577-583.

Wang, H.F., and Hart, D.J., 1993, Experimental error for permeability and specific storage from pulse decay measurements: International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences & Geomechanics Abstracts, v. 30, no. 7, p. 1173-1176.

Regional hydrogeology of southeastern Wisconsin
Feinstein, D.T., Eaton, T.T., Hart, D.J., Krohelski, J.T., and Bradbury, K.R., 2005, A regional simulation model for southeastern Wisconsin. Report 1: Data collection, conceptual model development, numerical model construction, and model calibration, Report 2: Model results and interpretation: Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, Technical Report 41. [Reports in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.]

Feinstein, D.T., Hart, D.J., Krohelski, J.T., 2004, The value of long-term monitoring in the development of ground-water-flow models: U.S. Geological Survey, Fact Sheet 116-03, 4 p.


I collaborate with faculty and students in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Geology and Geophysics and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

I work with colleagues in the U.S. Geological Survey Wisconsin Water Science Center, Middleton, Wisconsin.

I work with colleagues throughout UW–Extension and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, including faculty and staff at the Center for Watershed Science and Education.

Selected professional activities

Member, Education subcommittee of the Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council
Associate Editor, Ground Water
Vice president, Wisconsin Section of American Water Resources Association
Member, Geological Society of America
Member, Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society
Member, American Geophysical Union