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Staff list

See also our listing of areas of expertise and contact persons.

Name Job Phone Number Email
Batten, William G. Geologist 608/262.9903 wgbatten@wisc.edu 
Bradbury, Kenneth R. Hydrogeologist and assistant director for science 608/263.7921 krbradbu@wisc.edu
Carson, Eric C. Geologist 608/890.1998 eccarson@wisc.edu
Chase, Peter M. Geotechnician 608/265.6003 pmchase@wisc.edu
Deith, Linda G. Editor 608/263.7394 lgdeith@wisc.edu 
Duffey, Donna M. Map Sales associate 608/265.2129 dmduffey@wisc.edu 
Gotkowitz, Madeline B. Hydrogeologist 608/262.1580 mbgotkow@wisc.edu
Gottschalk, Brad T. Archivist 608/263.5495 brad.gottschalk@wgnhs.uwex.edu
Hart, David J. Hydrogeologist 608/262.2307 djhart@wisc.edu
Irvin, Barb J. Assistant director for administration 608/262.9418 birvin@wisc.edu
Lippelt, Irene D. Water resources specialist 608/262.7430 ilippelt@wisc.edu
Mauel, Steve Geographic information specialist 608/263.3418 smauel@wisc.edu
McCartney, M. Carol Outreach manager 608/263.7393 mmccartney@wisc.edu 
McLaughlin, Patrick I. Geologist 608/262.8658 pimclaughlin@wisc.edu
Parsen, Michael J. Hydrogeologist 608/262.9419 mjparsen@wisc.edu
Patterson, Deborah L. Geographic information specialist 608/265.3048 dlpatter@wisc.edu 
Pongetti, Jill Office manager 608/262.1705 jill.pongetti@wgnhs.uwex.edu
Robertson, James M. Director and State Geologist 608/263.7384 jmrober1@wisc.edu 
Roushar, Kathy Campbell Geographic information specialist 608/265.4683 kroushar@wisc.edu 
Schoephoester, Peter R. Geographic information specialist 608/262.2320 schoephoeste@wisc.edu
Stewart, Esther K. Precambrian geologist 608/263.3201 esther.stewart@wgnhs.uwex.edu
Zambito, Jay Geologist 608/262.3385 jay.zambito@wgnhs.uwex.edu

Emeritus staff

Name Job Phone Number Email
Attig, John W. Geologist   jwattig@wisc.edu
Brown, Bruce A. Geologist   babrown1@wisc.edu
Clayton, Lee Geologist    
Evans, Thomas J. Geologist 608/263.4125 tevans@wisc.edu
Hennings, Ronald G. Hydrogeologist    
Madison, Frederick W. Soil scientist 608/778.2019 fredmad@wisc.edu 
Nichols, Stanley A. Biologist    
Peters, Roger M. Subsurface geologist 608/263.7387 rpeters@wisc.edu 


Research associates