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Outcrop Descriptions

In 1976 the University of Wisconsin System–Central Administration provided special funding for the development of a field course on the Geology of Wisconsin. The initial descriptions were prepared by G.L. La Berge (UW–Oshkosh) with the participation of P.E. Myers (UW–Eau Claire), D.M. Mickelson (UW–Madison), and M.E. Ostrom (Geological and Natural History Survey, UW–Extension).

A major product of the development of this course was a series of more than 100 descriptions of outcrops selected to illustrate various geologic formations, features, and characteristics in Wisconsin. Descriptions are one to ten pages in length, including specific location with map at a scale of not less than one inch equals one mile; the geology, usually with a photograph or sketch of the outcrop; a discussion of the significant geologic features; and a list of pertinent references. Additional outcrop descriptions have been added to the series.

In the following listing, mostly organized by county, the title of the description is followed by the location, the authors, and type of geology covered in the text. The title of the outcrop description is geographic; the location is given to the appropriate section. For instance, Friendship Mound is listed here as AD 17/6E/5, referring to Adams County (AD), T17N (17/), R6E (6E/), Section 5.

Cost per outcrop is $1.00 each; the entire set can be purchased for $50.00. Please allow two weeks for processing and delivery. The entire set is also available on CD-ROM in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format for $25. Shipping and handling charges are extra. Inquiries should be directed to Map and Publication Sales Office, 608/263.7389; email mapsales@uwex.edu.

Adams County
Upper Wis. Dells; AD 14/6E/28; J.W. Attig, L. Clayton; Quaternary
Friendship Mound; AD 17/6E/5; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian

Ashland County
Mount Whittelsey; AS 44/2W/9a; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian
Mellen Gabbro; AS 45/2W/30; G.L. La Berge; Keweenawan
Mellen Granite; AS 45/2W/31; G.L. La Berge; Keweenawan
White River; AS 46/4W/6; M.E. Ostrom; Keweenawan

Bayfield County
South Fish Creek; BA 47/5W/20; M.E. Ostrom; Keweenawan

Brown County
Kittell Falls; BN 23/21E/32; M.E. Ostrom; Silurian, Ordovician

Chippewa County
Yellow River at Cadott; CH 29/6W/31; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Irvine Park; CH 29/8W/31; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian, Precambrian
Tilden; CH 29/9W/7; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian (Upper)
Jim Falls; CH 30/7W/30; P.E. Myers, D.A. Maercklein; Precambrian (Middle)
Fisher River; CH 31/6W/4; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Chippewa River at Cornell; CH 31/6W/18; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Chippewa River at Holcombe Dam; CH 32/6W/28; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Flambeau Ridge; CH 32/7W/1; P.E. Myers; Precambrian

Clark County
Neillsville Mounds; CK 24/2W/4; P.E. Myers; Cambrian
Neillsville; CK 24/2W/10; P.E. Myers; Cambrian; Precambrian
Sidney; CK 24/2W/20; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Cunningham Creek; CK 24/2W/26; P.E. Myers; Cambrian, Precambrian
Naedler Quarry Granton; CK 25/1W/35; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Greenwood; CK 26/3W/3; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
South Fork of the Eau Claire River; CK 26/4W/1; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Hay Creek Dam; CK 26/4W/26; P.E. Myers; Cambrian, Precambrian
South Fork of the Eau Claire River at Mead Dam; CK 27/3W/29; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Prairie du Chien; CR 7/6W/29; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Marietta Valley; CR 8/3W/10; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian

Dane County
Mt. Vernon; DN 5/7E/3; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
New Glarus North; DN 5/8E/36; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Cross Plains West; DN 7/7E/4; I.E. Odom; Ordovician, Cambrian
Cross Plains East; DN 7/7E/11; I.E. Odom; Ordovician, Cambrian
Madison-Hoyt Park; DN 7/9E/20; I.E. Odom; Cambrian
Madison-Penn Park; DN 7/9E/35; I.E. Odom; Cambrian
Mazomanie Bluff (Schoolhouse); DN 8/6E/16A; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Mazomanie Bluff (Schoolhouse); DN 8/6E/16B; I.E. Odom; Cambrian
Black Earth; DN 8/6E/23; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Madison Mendota Station; DN 8/9E/26; I.E. Odom; Cambrian
Madison-Howard Johnson East; DN 8/10E/27; E.I. Odom; Ordovician, Cambrian

Dodge County
Neda; DG 11/16E/1; G.L. La Berge; Silurian, Ordovician

Douglas County
St. Croix River Overlook; DS 44/12W/36; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Amnicon Falls State Park; DS 48/12W/29; G.L. La Berge; Keweenawan

Eau Claire County
North Fork of the Eau Claire River at Knight Pool; EC 26/5W/10; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Eau Claire River at Confluence of North and South Forks; EC 26/5W/29; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Rest Haven Gardens Town Road; EC 26/9W/2; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Eau Claire River at Big Falls; EC 27/8W/13; M.L. Cummings, P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Eau Claire River at Little Falls; EC 27/8W/19; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Mount Simon; EC 27/9W/8; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian

Fond du Lac County
Oakfield; FL 14/16E/23; G.L. La Berge; Ordovician
Panetti Stone Quarry, Hamilton; FL 14/17E/10; G.L. La Berge; Silurian
Dundee Mountain; FL 14/19E/25; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary

Grant County
Potosi Hill; GR 2/2W/7; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Hoadley Hill; GR 2/2W/12; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician, Cambrian
St. John Mine (Snake Cave); GR 3/2E/34; M.G. Mudrey; Ordovician
Pigeon Creek; GR 4/3W/19; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Bridgeport West; GR 6/6W/22; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Wyalusing; GR 6/6W/31; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Utley Rhyolite; GR 14/13E/36; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian

Iowa County
Blue Mounds; IW 6/5E/1; M.E. Ostrom; Silurian, Ordovician
Lone Rock South; IW 8/2E/13A; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Lone Rock South; IW 8/2E/13B; I.E. Odom; Cambrian

Iron County
Bear River (Powell Kyanite); IR 42/4E/28a; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian
Copper Falls State Park; IR 45/2E/17; G.L. La Berge; Keweenawan
Oma Township; IR 45/3E/18; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian
Potato River; IR 46/1W/18; M.E. Ostrom Precambrian
Hurley Overpass; IR 46/2E/14a; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian
Montreal Mine Dump; IR 46/2E/33; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian
Gile Flowage; IR 46/2E/34; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian
Montreal River; IR 47/1E/7; M.E. Ostrom; Precambrian (Keweenawan)

Jackson County
Jackson County Iron Mine; JA 21/3W/15; D.G. Jones; Precambrian

Kewaunee County
Two Creeks North; KW 22/24E/35; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary

Lafayette County
Dill; LF 1/5E/12; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Belmont Mound; LF 3/1E/3; M.E. Ostrom; Silurian

Manitowoc County
Duveneck; MN 18/23E/24; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Valders Quarry; MN 19/22E/32; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary, Silurian
Manitowoc North; MN 19/24E/16; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Point Beach State Forest; MN 20/25E/9; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Two Rivers; MN 20/25E/31; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary

Marathon County
Marathon City; MR 28/6E/18; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Rib Mountain Southwest; MR 28/7E/19; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Athens County Park; MR 29/4E/16; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian
Rib River at Emory School; MR 29/5E/30; P.E. Myers; Precambrian
Artus Creek; MR 29/6E/29; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian
Wausau Employers Mutual; MR 29/7E/27; P.E. Myers; Precambrian Insurance Co.
Highland Grove School; MR 29/8E/29; G.L. La Berge Precambrian
Brokaw East; MR 30/8E/34; G.L. La Berge; Precambrian

Milwaukee County
St. Francis Power Plant Site; ML 6/22E/23; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary

Sauk County
Spring Green; SK 9/4E/30; I.E. Odom; Cambrian
Sauk Prairie SK 10/6E/23; J.W. Attig, L. Clayton; Quaternary
La Rue Quarry; SK 11/5E/22; B.A. Brown, M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
East Bluff of Devil’s Lake; SK 11/6E/24; J.W. Attig, Gorge L. Clayon; Quaternary
Steinke Basin of Devil's Lake State Park; SK 11/7E/18; J.W. Attig, L. Clayton; Quaternary
Parfrey’s Glen; SK 11/7E/22; M.G. Mudrey, S.A. Nichols; Quaternary
Upper Narrows & Van Hise Rock; SK 12/5E/28; B.A. Brown, M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian

Sheboygan County
Garriety Hill; SB 14/20E/8; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Parnell Lookout Tower; SB 14/20E/10a; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Butler Lake; SB 14/20E/10b; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Butler Lake North; SB 14/20E/20; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Mink Creek; SB 14/20E/27; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Greenbush Ski Run; SB 15/20E/22; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Greenbush Kettle; SB 15/20E/27; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary

Trempealeau County
Galesville; TR 19/8W/33; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Decorah Peak; TR 19/8W/34; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Arcadia South; TR 20/9W/9; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Whitehall; TR 22/8W/12; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Bruce Valley Quarry; TR 23/8W/9; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Strum North; TR 24/8W/18; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian

Vernon County
Reads Creek; VE 12/4W/27; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Coon Valley West; VE 14/6W/11; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian

Waukesha County
Valley Sand & Gravel Pit; WK 6/20E/5; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary
Waukesha Lime & Stone Co. Pit; WK 7/19E/26; D.M. Mickelson; Quaternary

Geological Society of America Centennial Field Guide: North-Central Section, 1987
Hamilton Mound; Adams County; AD 20/6E/36; B.A. Brown; Precambrian
Irvine Park; Chippewa County; CH 29/8W/31; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian, Precambrian
Mount Simon; Eau Claire County; EC 27/9W/8; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Potosi Hill; Grant County; GR 2/2W/7; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Hoadley Hill; Grant County; GR 2/2W/12; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician, Cambrian
Arbutus Dam; Jackson County: JA 22/3W/3; R.S. Maass, B.A. Brown; Precambrian
Skillett Creek; Sauk County; SK 11/6E/15; B.A. Brown; Precambrian
Arcadia South; Trempealeau County; TR 20/9W/9; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Whitehall; Trempealeau County; TR 22/8W/12; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian
Strum North; Trempealeau County; TR 24/8W/18; M.E. Ostrom; Cambrian

Out-of-State Outcrop Descriptions
Mineral Creek, Iowa; Allamakee Co.; 99/6W/23; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Waukon Junction, Iowa; Allamakee Co.; 96/3W/16; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician
Wilmington, Minnesota; Houston Co.; 101/6W/11 ; M.E. Ostrom; Ordovician