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Downloadable publications

Some of our publications are available here, free for the downloading.

To view and print these publications, which are in Adobe® Acrobat® format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have a copy, you may download one at no charge from Adobe.

Bedrock stratigraphic units in Wisconsin (ES51)
link to Common Paleozoic Fossils of Wisconsin Common Paleozoic fossils of Wisconsin (ES45), Ross H. Nehm and Bryan E. Bemis
Frac sand factsheet Frac sand in Wisconsin (FS05)
Glaciation of Wisconsin (ES36)
Groundwater pumping near Geneva Lake: Evaluating its effect on the lake (ES49), Madeline Gotkowitz
Groundwater recharge in Dane County, Wisconsin: Estimating recharge using a GIS-based water-balance model (B107), David J. Hart, Peter R. Schoephoester, and Kenneth R. Bradbury

Groundwater resources of Columbia County, Wisconsin (sold individually and as a set)

  • Water-table elevation (ES052-1), Stephen Sellwood
  • Groundwater recharge (ES052-2), Madeline Gotkowitz
  • Groundwater susceptibility (ES052-3), Madeline Gotkowitz and Stephen Mauel

Groundwater resources in Iowa County, Wisconsin (sold individually and as a set)

  • Water-table elevation (ES50-1), Madeline Gotkowitz
  • Groundwater recharge (ES50-2), Madeline Gotkowitz
  • Groundwater susceptibility (ES50-3), Madeline Gotkowitz
  • Springs of Iowa County (ES50-4), Sue Swanson
Hydrogeology and Simulation of Groundwater Flow in Sauk County, Wisconsin Hydrogeology and simulation of groundwater flow in Sauk County, Wisconsin (B102), Madeline B. Gotkowitz, Kurt K. Zeiler, Charles P. Dunning, Judith C. Thomas, and Yu-Feng Lin
link to map Industrial sand potential in Wisconsin: Sandstone at or near the surface (M503)
Iron mining in Wisconsin (FS03)
Karst and shallow carbonate bedrock in Wisconsin (FS02)
Landscapes of Dane County, Wisconsin (ES43), David M. Mickelson
Lexicon of Pleistocene stratigraphic units of Wisconsin (TR01), edited by Kent M. Syverson, Lee Clayton, John W. Attig, and David M. Mickelson
Managing Chippewa County's groundwater—today and tomorrow: Evaluating the impacts of industrial sand mines and irrigated agriculture on the county's water resources (FS07), Michael J. Parsen and Madeline B. Gotkowitz
Metallic mineral deposits (FS04)
Municipal drinking water safety: The link between groundwater, pathogens, and public health (ES053), Madeline B. Gotkowitz and David S. Liebl
Overview of metallic mineral regulation in Wisconsin (SR13), Thomas J. Evans
Pleistocene geology of Kewaunee County, Wisconsin (B104), Lee Clayton
Quaternary geology of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin (B106) Quaternary geology of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin (B106), Anders E. Carlson, Sarah M. Principato, Dawn M. Chapel, and David M. Mickelson
Silica sand in Wisconsin, a compilation of the Survey's maps, GIS data, and publications that may be useful in locating and understanding Wisconsin's silica sand resources
Understanding Wisconsin township, range, and section land descriptions (ES44), Irene D. Lippelt—township and range reference map with extensive explanation
Wisconsin Rocks (and a Fossil) Trading Cards (ES054-set) Wisconsin rocks (and a fossil), set of six trading cards (ES054-set)
Wisconsin township and range reference map (FS06), Irene D. Lippelt—map with brief explanation on how to use