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Pleistocene geology of Kewaunee County, Wisconsin
Image of Kewaunee map and bulletin

Kewaunee County, at the southern end of the Door Peninsula, was overrun by glaciers many times. In this new bulletin, author Lee Clayton describes the county's complex glacial geology, from the surface soil down to solid rock. The accompanying map shows the placement of glacial sediments as well as glacial and post-glacial stream and lake sediments. [Bulletin 104]

Bulletin: $30.00 (plus shipping and handling), includes folded copy of the map
Map: $20.00 (plus shipping and handling), mailed in tube
bulletin (PDF) | map (PDF) | GIS data (zip) | ORDER FORM

Frac sand in Wisconsin

frac sand in Wisconsin factsheet

The state's golden sands have inspired Wisconsin's version of a gold rush. This 2-page fact sheet shows where sandstone formations occur in Wisconsin, where frac sand is being mined and processed (as of October 2013), why our sand is so popular, and how it's being used.

Preliminary bedrock geology of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Map showing preliminary bedrock geology of Dane County, Wisconsin

Sheboygan County bedrock map produced at 1:100,000 and measuring 23 x 20 inches. $40 (plus shipping and handling). GIS data and PDF are also available as free downloads. [WOFR2013-03]
map (PDF) | GIS data (zip)

Age and correlation of Silurian rocks in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, using integrated stable carbon isotope stratigraphy and facies analysis (Geoscience Wisconsin, vol. 21, part 2)

front page of Age and Correlation of Silurian Rocks

The exact age of Silurian rocks in eastern Wisconsin is uncertain due to a scarcity of outcrops, poor biostratigraphic control, and prominent facies changes. Using carbon isotope analysis, authors Patrick I. McLaughlin, Donald G. Mikulic, and Joanne Kluessendorf constructed a composite section from cores taken around the city of Sheboygan. Their work, detailed here, provides a preliminary revision to the age of Silurian rocks from +/– 2 million years to approximately 100,000 years. [GS21-a02] PDF

Geology of the Niagara Escarpment in Wisconsin (Geoscience Wisconsin, vol. 22, part 1)

front page of Geology of the Niagara Escarpment in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to the western leg of the Niagara Escarpment, a ridge of rock that arcs across to the Niagara Falls in New York. In this special edition of Geoscience Wisconsin, author John A. Luczaj offers a review of the geologic events that created the escarpment.
[GS22-a01] PDF

Preliminary bedrock geology of Dane County, Wisconsin
Map showing preliminary bedrock geology of Dane County, Wisconsin This exquisite new map, produced at a scale of 1:100,000, reveals the intricate layers of bedrock below Dane County. The map (plate 1) and cross sections (plate 2) may be purchased separately or as a set for $20 each (plus shipping and handling). GIS data and PDFs of the two plates are also available as free downloads. [WOFR2013-01]
map (PDF) | cross sections (PDF) | GIS data (zip)

UW–Madison: Then and now
UW-Madison: Then and Now poster See the dramatic changes to the UW–Madison campus and surrounding community across a span of 73 years. The State Cartographer's Office created this handsome poster by blending a modern color photograph from July 2, 2010 with a historic black-and-white photograph from July 6, 1937. It measures 30 x 20 inches and will be shipped in a tube for $10.00 (plus shipping and handling). [OC140] ORDER FORM

Industrial sand potential in Wisconsin: Sandstone at or near the surface

Industrial Sand Potential in Wisconsin map

Wisconsin is rich with sand. This new map shows where sandstone can be found near the land surface. Produced at a scale of 1:1,000,000 and measuring 21 x 22.5 inches, this map is available for $20.00 (plus shipping and handling). [M503]

Wisconsin's spring resources: An overview (Geoscience Wisconsin, vol. 21, part 1)

front page of Wisconsin's Spring Resources

The latest issue of Geoscience Wisconsin (vol. 21) features a case study of Wisconsin's springs. Author Susan K. Swanson summarizes the geologic and geomorphic context of springs, the habitats they create and support, their influence on Wisconsin culture over time, and the policies that affect their management and use.
[GS21-a01] PDF

National Geographic: Wisconsin recreation atlas

Wisconsin Recreation Atlas (cover)

New from the National Geographic, a handsome paperback atlas for campers, hikers, hunters, and others. Detailed topographic maps with shaded relief for the entire state show a complete road network and locations of recreational areas. Includes detailed lists of campgrounds, best recreational lakes, state and national parks, attractions, and more.

$25.00 (plus shipping and handling), 11 x 15 inches, 112 p. [OC139] ORDER FORM

Municipal drinking water safety: The link between groundwater, pathogens, and public health

Most of us take for granted that our drinking water is safe. But 60 Wisconsin communities (with populations as high as 8,400) risk ongoing illness in children and the elderly from viruses and other pathogens in unsanitized water supply systems.

Municipal Drinking Water Safety, a new publication by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey and the Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center, describes the link between illness and municipal drinking water supplies that are not disinfected.

$1.50 (plus shipping and handling), 8.5 x 11 inches, 4 p. [ES053] PDF | ORDER FORM

Wisconsin rocks (and a fossil), set of six trading cards
pictures of the 6 cards in the rock card set

This handsome set of trading cards contains information about five Wisconsin rocks (dolomite/limestone, granite, quartzite, sandstone, and shale) plus the state fossil (trilobite). Each 3.5 x 2.5-inch card identifies age, history, and interesting trivia. Sold as a set for $1.00 [ES054-set] or as a set with rocks (sorry, no fossil) for just $3.50 [Student Rock Kit, ES047]. PDF | ORDER FORM

Managing Chippewa County's groundwater—today and tomorrow: Evaluating the impacts of industrial sand mines and irrigated agriculture on the county's water resources

In 2012, Chippewa County commissioned the WGNHS and the USGS to conduct a 5-year study of the groundwater resources in the western part of the county. This 4-page publication describes the study and the computer models being developed for it. [FS07] PDF

Groundwater resources of Columbia County, Wisconsin

Almost all of Columbia County's water-supply needs are met by groundwater. By understanding the geology of the groundwater, county planners and developers can make informed land-use decisions to help protect this precious resource. The Survey prepared three groundwater maps for the county and explains here how they're used. more…

2013 Calendar
The Wisconsin Geological Survey's 2013 calendar featuring the Upper Falls at Amnicon Falls State Park

This year's calendar features the Upper Falls at Amnicon Falls State Park in northwestern Wisconsin. This placid image belies the series of violent events that led to the waterfall's creation. $7.50 (plus shipping and handling), 22 x 28-inch poster, rolled in tube. [ES042-2013] more…

Groundwater recharge in Dane County, Wisconsin:
Estimating recharge using a GIS-based water-balance model
Recharge is water that moves from the land surface down into the groundwater. It's also the ultimate source of all groundwater. Hydrogeologists at the Survey developed a groundwater management tool to help guide land-use decisions in Dane County. This publication describes how the model was created and how the information might be put to use. more…

Geology of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail

link to Geology of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail meanders across the state through scenic glacial terrain dotted with lakes, steep hills, and long, narrow ridges. This beautiful new book gives an overview of Wisconsin's geology and details geological features along each segment of the trail and at each of the nine National Ice Age Scientific Reserve sites. more…

Wisconsin's geologic past (poster)
Wisconsin's geologic past (poster)

From shallow seas, glaciers, volcanoes, and mountains to missing dinosaurs, this poster brings Wisconsin's geologic past to life. Fourth graders (and older) will learn about our changing landscapes, the age of our rocks, and the kinds of rocks and fossils that are beneath our feet. more…

Glaciation of Wisconsin
Glaciation of Wisconsin

For over 2 million years, glaciers pushed scoured parts of Wisconsin. But it is the most recent event, which began about 30,000 years ago, that is highly visible today. Glaciation of Wisconsin focuses on this most recent ice advance, telling the story primarily through maps and figures. more…

Iron mining in Wisconsin
Iron mining in Wisconsin

A map and short fact sheet describing the types of iron ore, a brief overview of iron mining in Wisconsin, and development opportunities. more…

Lexicon of Pleistocene stratigraphic units of Wisconsin
Lexicon of Pleistocene stratigraphic units of Wisconsin

This 180-page book marks the first update in over 20 years to the collection of formal definitions of Wisconsin's Pleistocene units. Contains over 100 color maps, photographs, and figures as well as an extensive list of references. Available as a free downloadable PDF or as a beautifully bound desk reference. more…

Quaternary geology of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Quaternary geology of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

This newly released report traces the advances and retreats of glaciers through Sheboygan County in eastern Wisconsin. Includes a colorful geologic map of the county and cross sections showing what lies beneath the surface. more…

Available formats: print, PDF, digital data (GIS), and CD-ROM (contains digital data and PDFs)

Bedrock stratigraphic units in Wisconsin
Bedrock stratigraphic units in Wisconsin

This fact sheet (also available in two poster sizes) provides a handy list of Wisconsin's rock layers and a primer on reading the rock column. The page-size version was updated in 2011. more…

Information Circulars (now downloadable)

Link to information circulars

Our information circulars cover topics ranging from the geology and hydrogeology of a county to the mineral resources of the state. The complete collection is now available online. more…

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