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WGNHS staff members annually respond to more than 20,000 requests for information and assistance in the areas of geology, hydrology, minerals and mining, soils, biology, natural hazards, topographic maps, and other environmental and natural resource topics. Survey staff members also give testimony, act as consultants to legislative and state agency committees, and serve on state, local, and national committees considering resources, environment, and education.

Ask a geologist
If you have questions or need information or help on geology, minerals and mining, hydrogeology, groundwater, soils, or topographic maps, staff of the the WGNHS can very likely be of service to you. Our listing of areas of expertise and contact persons may direct you to a specific person, or you may email your questions about Wisconsin geology to askageologist@uwex.edu. (Please type "WGNHS" in the subject line of your note.) For information about publications, contact the Map Sales Office, 608/263.7389, or email mapsales@uwex.edu. Office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Or you may write or call us for information:

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
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