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More information about meteorites

Earth Impact Database (www.unb.ca/passc/ImpactDatabase)
Lists all confirmed meteorite impacts in the world.

Earth Impact Effects (www.lpl.arizona.edu/impacteffects)
An easy-to-use, interactive website for estimating effects of meteorite impacts.

Geology Museum, UW-Madison (geologymuseum.org)
The museum houses a collection of many of the meteorites found in Wisconsin. This site presents a series of questions to help you determine whether you've found a meteorite.

Meteorite or Meteorwrong? (meteorites.wustl.edu/realities.htm)
A lengthy checklist from the Washington University in St. Louis to help you determine whether you've found a meteorite…or something else. Includes helpful photos and explanations.

Rocks from Space (second edition), by O. Richard Norton, 1998, Mountain Press Publishing Company, 447 pages
An exhaustive but approachable discussion of meteorite science. Covers meteorite discoveries and profiles the individuals involved.

Scientific papers written about the Rock Elm impact structure
Rock Elm structure, Pierce County, Wisconsin: A possible cryptoexplosion structure, William S. Cordua, 1985, Geology 13:372–374
The Rock Elm meteorite impact structure, Wisconsin: Geology and shock-metamorphic effects in quartz, Bevan M. French, William S. Cordua, and J.B. Plescia, GSA Bulletin, January 2004, 116:200–218
Geology of the Rock Elm Complex, Pierce County, Wisconsin, William S. Cordua and Tom J. Evans, 2007

Barringer Meteor Crater, Arizona (barringercrater.com)
At 50,000 years old, the Barringer crater is still quite fresh, geologically speaking; it shows none of the weathering seen at Rock Elm.

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