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New publications at the Survey

Check out our new titles. Many are available for purchase and free download. more…

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Minerals of Wisonsin Database

Learn about Wisconsin's repository for core and rock samples

Link to information about collections Bulletins, field notebooks, and early photographs preserved online

In a partnership with UW Digital Collections, we now have over 120 publications, Charles Van Hise's field notebooks, and more than 4,000 geologic photographs from the early 1900s digitized and available online. more…

cover of Lexicon of Pleistocene Stratigraphic Units of Wisconsin Sand mining | Iron mining in Wisconsin

We've added two new pages providing links to related geologic maps, GIS data, and publications.

photo of sample core from porosity/density database. Link goes to introduction. Porosity and density database

Why do earth scientists care about the porosity and density of rocks? Porosity is used to estimate groundwater storage and travel times while density helps determine the thickness and variation of different rocks. more…

farmer standing next to tractor-sized sinkhole Sinkholes in Wisconsin

Sinkholes form when water washes sediment into cracks and voids in the bedrock. These areas can be direct conduits for pollutants to enter groundwater as well as safety hazards. more…

artist's rendering of a meteorite crashing to earth Large meteorite crater in western Wisconsin

No fragments remain of the meteorite that slammed into what would become western Wisconsin. But there is still a tell-tale scar on the landscape that 475 million years of weathering hasn't fully erased. Find out how geologists pieced together the story of the 4-mile-wide Rock Elm impact structure.

Also read about the April 14, 2010 meteorite that flashed across Wisconsin. more…

rock showing scraping from Wisconsin's glacial landscapes

Approximately 26,000 years ago, a glacier pushed its way across northern and eastern Wisconsin, scouring the landscape. more…

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