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Geoscience Wisconsin, volume 7

Geoscience Wisconsin, volume 7, is out of print. We have scanned the document and converted it to an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF as a means of distributing it. Scanning, however, does not always result in a perfect rendition of a document, and the quality of these PDFs may vary in places on some pages.

Late Pleistocene History of Southeastern Wisconsin
edited by David M. Mickelson and Lee Clayton

Front matter (table of contents, preface, disclaimer, etc.)

The Wadsworth Till Member of Illinois and the equivalent Oak Creek Formation of Wisconsin (1.3 MB)
Ardith K. Hansel

Quaternary stratigraphy of southern Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (560 K)
N.P. Lasca

Quaternary stratigraphy of the Lower Milwaukee and Menomonee river valleys, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.3 MB)
E.A. Need

The effect of lake-level fluctuations on the geomorphic evolution of the Lake Michigan bluffs in Wisconsin (900 K)
Christopher S. Peters

Wisconsinan stratigraphy and glacial sequence in southeastern Wisconsin (2.3 MB)
Allan F. Schneider

A buried Sangamon soil in southeastern Wisconsin (916 K)
Allan F. Schneider and Leon R. Follmer

Fabric and depositional structures in drumlins near Waukesha, Wisconsin (1 MB)
Scott D. Stanford

To view the Geoscience Wisconsin articles, which are in Adobe Acrobat format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have a copy, you may download one at no charge from Adobe.

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