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Geoscience Wisconsin, volumes 1–15

Fourteen of the first fifteen volumes of Geoscience Wisconsin are not available online, but in printed form only. (Volume 7 is out of print and available as an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF.) Their tables of contents and prices are listed here for your convenience. See the bottom of the page for ordering information.

GW 1. $5.00; $3.00 (microform)
Flambeau—A Precambrian Supergene Enriched Massive Sulfide Deposit, by E.R. May; Discovery of the Flambeau Deposit, Rusk County, Wisconsin, A Geophysical Case Study, by C.G. Schwenk, 1977, 44 p.

GW 2. $5.00
Introduction to Precambrian Rocks of South-Central Wisconsin, by E.I. Smith; Geochronology of the Southern Wisconsin Rhyolites and Granites, by W.R. Van Schmus; Engineering Geology, Stress Regime and Mechanical Properties of Some Precambrian Rocks in South-Central Wisconsin, by B.C. Haimson, 1978, 44 p. Companion volume to Field Trip Guide Book 2.

GW 3. $3.00 (microform)
The Geology of the Eastern Mellen Intrusive Complex, Wisconsin, by D.E. Tabet and J.R. Mangham; Surface Microtextures of Freshwater Heavy Mineral Grains, by R.D. Stieglitz and B. Rothwell; Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, and Silver in Lakes of the Clam Lake and Monico Regions, by D.E. Pride, 1978, 51 p.

GW 4. $5.00
Conodonts and Stratigraphic Relationships of the Readstown Member of the St. Peter Sandstone in Wisconsin, by W.J. Grether and D.L. Clark; Late Pleistocene and Holocene Vertebrate Fossil Record of Wisconsin, by R.M. West and J.E. Dallman, 1980, 47 p.

GW 5. $6.00
Drought and Ground-Water Levels in Northern Wisconsin, by A. Zaporozec, 1980, 92 p. (Miscellaneous Paper 80-1 contains the analytical data used in this study.)

GW 6. $5.00
Water-Level Fluctuations Due to Earth Tides at Peshtigo, Wisconsin, by D.A. Hackbarth; A Summary of the Duval Massive Sulfide Deposit, Marinette County, Wisconsin, by V.F. Hollister and M.L. Cummings; Some Aspects of the Petrologic and Tectonic History of the Precambrian Rocks of Waterloo, Wisconsin, by C.A. Geiger, C.V. Guidotti, and W.L. Petro, 1982, 40 p.

GW 7. (Out of print; available as an Adobe PDF.)
Late Pleistocene History of Southeastern Wisconsin, edited by D.M. Mickelson and Lee Clayton with contributions from L.R. Follmer, A.K. Hansel, N.P. Lasca, E.A. Need, C.S. Peter, A.F. Schneider, and S.D. Stanford, 1983, 111 p.

GW 8. $5.00
Stratigraphy of Till Sheets in Part of Northeastern Wisconsin, by M. Carol McCartney; The Pleistocene Stratigraphy and Geomorphology of Central-Southern Wisconsin and Part of Northern Illinois, by Carl A.P. Fricke and Thomas M. Johnson; Geophysical Evidence That the Haeger Till Member Underlies Southern Western Lake Michigan, by Carol J. Welkie and Robert P. Meyer, 1983, 58 p.

GW 9. $5.00
The Geology of the Lower Proterozoic McCaslin Formation, Northeastern Wisconsin, by Jean M. Olson; Stratigraphy and History of Glacial Deposits, along Wisconsin´s Lake Superior Shoreline—Wisconsin Point to Bark Point, by Edward A. Need and Mark D. Johnson, 1984, 51 p.

GW 10. $10.00
Proterozoic Baraboo Interval in Wisconsin, J.K. Greenberg and B.A. Brown, eds., 1986, 112 p.

GW 11. $8.00
Precambrian Petroleum Potential, Wisconsin and Michigan, M.G. Mudrey, Jr., ed., 1986, 85 p.

GW 12. $7.00
Subsurface Stratigraphic Relationships of the Upper Silurian and Devonian Rock of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, by D.G. Mikulic and Joanne Kluessendorf; Pleistocene Geology of the Marathon County Area of Central Wisconsin, by W.N. Mode and J.W. Attig; Petrochemistry of Precambrian Granitic Rock from Northeastern Wisconsin, by Gregory Mursky and William Bailey; Seismic Refraction Measurements in Bedrock of the Trout Lake Region of Vilas County, Northern Wisconsin, by E.E. Okwueze and C.S. Clay; Seasonal Geochemistry of Two Tufa-Depositing Springs in Southwestern Wisconsin, by Sara A. Heller, 1988, 83 p.

GW 13. $6.00
Precambrian Metamorphism in the Southern Lake Superior Region and Its Bearing on Crustal Evolution, by C.A. Geiger and C.V. Guidotti; Uranium and Thorium in Selected Precambrian Rock Units in Wisconsin, by G. Mursky, J.W. Anderson, T.R. Cook, and W.S. Meddaugh; U.S. Department of Energy Publications on Uranium and Radiometric Surveys of Wisconsin, 1989, 66 p.

GW 14. $7.00
Ordovician-Silurian Boundary of the Neda Formation. Ferruginous and Calcareous Oolites at the Ordovician-Silurian Boundary in Illinois, by Joanne Kluessendorf; Genesis of the Upper Ordovician Neda Formation in Eastern Wisconsin, by Richard A. Paull and John A. Emerick; Paleomagnetic Studies of Rock at the Ordovician-Silurian Boundary in Wisconsin, by William F. Kean and Charles E. Voltz; Distribution and Age of Dolomitic and Hematitic Oolites near the Ordovician-Silurian Boundary in Nebraska and Kansas, by Marvin P. Carlson. Edited by M.G. Mudrey, Jr., 1995, 76 p.

GW 15. $7.00
Re-examination of Quaternary Bluff Stratigraphy, Southeast Wisconsin, by Charles W. Rovey II and Mark K. Borucki; The Southern Limit of Red Till Deposition in Eastern Wisconsin, by Charles W. Rovey II and Mark K. Borucki; Variation in Cambrian Conglomerate Layers Exposed in Parfreys Glen, Wisconsin, by Mary E. McMillan, Timothy D. Vick, and Richard Shinn; Gravity Modeling in Western Vilas County, Northern Wisconsin, by Barbara A. Eckstein; Density and Magnetic Susceptibility of Wisconsin Rock, by Steven I. Dutch, Robert C. Boyle, Sandra K. Jones-Hoffbeck, and Sharon M. Vandenbush; Origin and Maturation of the Organic Matter in the Middle Ordovician Guttenberg Member of the Decorah Formation of Southwestern Wisconsin, by J.M. Blabaum. Edited by M.G. Mudrey, Jr., 1991, 72 p.

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