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Groundwater Resources in Iowa County, Wisconsin

Madeline B. Gotkowitz and Sue Swanson

groundwater resources in Iowa County, Wisconsin cover image

Date: 2010

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Publication: $1.50 each or $5.00 for set of four, ES50

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In Iowa County, Wisconsin, almost all water-supply needs are met by groundwater. To protect the quality and quantity of the groundwater, the county board commissioned the Survey to conduct a comprehensive inventory and assessment of the county's groundwater resources. This series summarizes those findings.

Each 2-page publication contains a color map plus an explanation about how the map was made, what it shows, and how it might be put to use.

thumbnail of water-table elevation map 1. Water-table elevation (ES50-1). Elevation of the water table determines the direction of groundwater flow—critical information for those siting water supply wells as well as for preserving flow to springs and streams.
thumbnail image of groundwater recharge map 2. Groundwater recharge (ES50-2). Recharge water is what supplies fresh water to wells, streams, springs, and wetlands. This publication shows the rates of recharge across the county.
thumbnail image of groundwater susceptibility map 3. Groundwater susceptibility (ES50-3). This map identifies the relative vulnerability of the area's groundwater to contamination from underground storage tanks, pesticides, landfills, and other pollutants.
thumbnail image of springs of iowa county map 4. Springs of Iowa County (ES50-4). Over 400 springs flow in Iowa County. This publication shows spring locations and explains how springs are formed.

For larger, more-detailed versions of the water-table elevation and groundwater susceptibility maps, see WOFR2010-03. Available as a free download or for purchase ($40.00).

Other maps of interest: Preliminary geology of Iowa County, Wisconsin (WOFR2010-01). Contains map of the county and cross sections. Available as a free download or for purchase ($40.00).