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Editorial and Publication Policy

General information

Geoscience Wisconsin, a report series covering significant geoscience research pertaining to Wisconsin geology, is published by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, University of Wisconsin–Extension. This series serves as a vehicle for the communication of scholarly geologic research pertinent to Wisconsin. Although compilations and review papers will be considered for publication, the main intent of the series is to publish high-quality, original research papers of general interest about the geology of Wisconsin.

Scope, length, and style of papers
All phases of geoscience research done in Wisconsin or very closely related to Wisconsin interests will be considered for publication. All members of the professional geoscience community are encouraged to submit their scholarly papers for publication. Students are also encouraged to submit papers based on their completed thesis research.

Papers should be no longer than 25 pages, including all figures, references, abstracts, and so forth. Manuscripts exceeding this page limit must have the approval of the Managing Editor [lgdeith@wisc.edu] before submission. Draft copies for review should be double spaced with ample margins; this includes the reference section. General style follows that of the U.S. Geological Survey. Manuscripts not meeting style guidelines will be returned to the authors without review.

Administrative framework
All manuscripts should be submitted to the Managing Editor [lgdeith@wisc.edu], who will then contact an associate editor to handle the manuscript. The associate editor may determine that the manuscript is not in a reviewable state or that the subject matter is inappropriate for publication in Geoscience Wisconsin; if so, the manuscript will be returned to the senior author without delay. If the manuscript is accepted for review, the associate editor will provide the names of potential reviewers (specialists in the field addressed by the paper) to the Managing Editor [lgdeith@wisc.edu], who will send the manuscript to the reviewers. After a manuscript has been reviewed by the associate editor and reviewers, a recommendation as to suitability for publication in Geoscience Wisconsin will be submitted to the Director of the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey. The Director will make the final decision as to whether each paper will be rejected or accepted.

If a paper is accepted, the Managing Editor [lgdeith@wisc.edu] will return the manuscript to the author for modification based on the recommendations of the associate editor and reviewers. The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey will prepare each manuscript for online publication; however, authors must supply final illustrations and photographs. Photocopies will not be accepted. Except for illustrations, all final copy must be submitted to the Managing Editor [lgdeith@wisc.edu] in digital format. Most word-processing programs are acceptable. Each table should be submitted as a separate file. (View our information about digital illustrations.)

As soon as each individual manuscript is accepted, revised, and formatted, it will be placed in the Geoscience Wisconsin section of the Survey’s Web site.

Geoscience Wisconsin
Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
3817 Mineral Point Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53705-5100
tel. 608/262.1705

Managing Editor
Linda Deith lgdeith@wisc.edu

Associate editors
Kenneth R. Bradbury krbradbu@wisc.edu
Philip E. Brown pbrown@geology.wisc.edu
Charles W. Byers cwbyers@geology.wisc.edu

Your comments are always welcome. Please let the Managing Editor [lgdeith@wisc.edu] know what you think about the on-line version of Geoscience Wisconsin. Please be sure to type "WGNHS" in the subject line of your note.