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Data files and samples

Data files, drill cuttings, rock samples, and cores are available at the WGNHS for research and reference use. The largest collections are the well records from private and public wells throughout Wisconsin.

The WGNHS maintains the Wisconsin Mineral Development Atlas—an atlas of drill records for the southwest Wisconsin Zinc-Lead District. The atlas, which has information from more than 27,000 drillholes and includes accompanying maps, logs, and assays of metal content, is available for examination by appointment at the Survey offices in Madison.

The WGNHS maintains a collection of rock cores obtained from mineral-exploration drilling and engineering testing. The core collection, which contains more than 600,000 feet of drill core from more than 2,000 drillholes, relies on voluntary contributions from mining companies and engineering firms. The WGNHS also maintains approximately 80,000 outcrop specimens collected during mapping and field research projects from all over the state. Thin sections for microscopic examination are available for many of the specimens. The Survey houses these items at the Research Collections and Education Center in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, where they can be examined by appointment only.

Survey staff members also keep an extensive file of data on sand and gravel and crushed stone aggregate sites throughout the state, indexed by county. These records, the Road Material Survey files, were collected through a cooperative project with Wisconsin Department of Transportation over a fifty-year period, ending in the 1960s. These files, as well as field notes, geophysical surveys, and other records, are available for use by appointment only.