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Water-table and Aquifer-Susceptibility Maps of Calumet County, Wisconsin

Madeline B. Gotkowitz and Stephen J. Gaffield

thumbnail image of water-table and aquifer-susceptibility maps of Calumet County, Wisconsin

Date: 2006

Map: $20.00 (40.25 x 36.25), MM56

CD-ROM: $25.00 (digital data and PDF), MM56-DI

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Results of a study about the groundwater of Calumet County have been made available by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, a part of the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

Researchers found that groundwater in Calumet County aquifers used for drinking-water supplies has a moderate to high risk of contamination. This susceptibility to contamination varies across the county and is largely dependent upon the thicknesses of the geologic materials over the groundwater aquifers, which underscores the need for sound planning to maintain a safe drinking-water supply.

Findings were published on a single sheet that includes two maps, one of the elevation of the water table and one that shows the susceptibility of two main aquifers to contamination. Accompanying text summarizes the study and provides an overview of the water cycle, a description of how groundwater flows, and the methods used to develop the maps.

The research that resulted in this publication was funded by the Calumet County Board of Supervisors to provide information to help protect the quality of groundwater in the county.