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Pleistocene Geology of Chippewa County, Wisconsin

Kent M. Syverson

Thumbnail image of cover of Pleistocene Geology of Chippewa County, Wisconsin, Bulletin 103

Date: 2007

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Publication: $25.00 (includes folded map and cross sections), B103

Map: $20.00 (flat, 36 x 23 inches), B103_plate1

CD-ROM: $25.00 (digital data and PDFs), B103-DI

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The Chippewa moraine, Flambeau Ridge, drumlins, hummocks, and kettles—if you’ve ever heard of these features in Chippewa County and been curious about them, you’re in luck. You can learn about the geology of the county with a report recently published by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey.

In Pleistocene Geology of Chippewa County, Wisconsin, author Kent M. Syverson, professor of geology at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, explains the geology of the county, emphasizing the myriad impacts of glaciation on the landscape of the county. All the county was covered by glaciers at one time or another, but the northeastern third was overrun by ice most recently, during the last part of the Wisconsin Glaciation. Syverson describes in detail the various sediments laid down by the glaciers as well as the landforms that dot the landscape.

A full-color geologic map makes it easy to see where many of the surficial geologic features are in the county; cross sections provide a general picture of what lies beneath the surface in lines from north to south and east to west.

Map showing Pleistocene geology of Chippewa County, Wisconsin, from bulletin with the same name (B103)