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Wisconsin's Sand Resources: What's So Special About Frac Sand? Presentation by James M. Robertson for a talk at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, October 30, 2012. (PDF, 2MB)

Potential Metallic Mineral Development in Northern Wisconsin: Presentation developed by James M. Robertson for a talk at the Wisconsin County Code Administrators fall conference, October 4, 2012. (PDF, 1.6MB)

Flooding in Spring Green: Presentation developed by Madeline Gotkowitz and John Attig in response to the June 2008 flooding in southwest Wisconsin. Covers the geologic and hydrogeologic conditions that contributed to long-term flooding in the Wisconsin River valley. (PDF, 6MB)

Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting—2011

An Approach for Evaluating the Hydrogeology of National Forest Units in Northern Wisconsin: K.R. Bradbury, A.H. Pruitt, P.R. Schoephoester, S.W. Mauel, P.F. Juckem, and R. Hunt

Characterizing the Role of Well Fields in Distribution of Arsenic in Groundwater Systems: M.B. Gotkowitz, M.E. Schreiber, T.L. Root, and N. West

Comparison of Groundwater Flows into Three Closely Spaced Crystalline Bedrock Wells: D.J. Hart

Evidence of Fracture Flow Within the Wonewoc Formation in Southcentral Wisconsin: M.J. Parsen, J.J. Krause, D.J. Hart, and K.R. Bradbury

Geochronology of Late Wisconsin Ice Margin Fluctuations of the Southern Laurentide Ice Sheet: E.C. Carson, J.W. Attig, P.R. Hanson, and A.R. Young

Hydrogeological and Statistical Evidence for Wide-Spread Enteric Virus Contamination of Deep Municipal Wells: K.R. Bradbury, M.A. Borchardt, M.B. Gotkowitz, J. Zhu, C.A. Gellasch, S.K.Spencer, and R. Hunt

Late Holocene Relations Between Wildfires and Alluvial Fan Formation in the Southern Uinta Basin, Northeastern Utah: E.C. Carson, B.R. Hanly, and D.S. Wilson

Linking the Wallowa Terrane to North America: Latest Jurassic-Earliest Cretaceous Coon Hollow Formation, Blue Mountains Province, Northeastern Oregon and Western Idaho: T.A. Lamaskin, R.J. Dorsey, and J. Vervoort

Precision in Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy — The Importance of Sampling Interval in Recognizing Form and Rates: P.I. McLaughlin, B. Sell, P. Emsbo, and N. Emerson

Quarternary Landscape Development in the Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin: E.C. Carson

Sequential Regularity of Detrital Zircon U-PB Ages in Western North American Terranes: Second-Order Tectonic Control on Sediment Provenance: T.A. Lamaskin

The Significance of Hydraulic and Thermal Gradients in Boreholes: K.R. Bradbury, D.J. Hart, M.B. Gotkowitz, and M.A. Muldoon