UW Extension
Bill Batten

Title: Geologist
Areas of expertise: Geotechnical services, groundwater levels

Tel: 608/262.9903
Email: bill.batten@uwex.edu 

Ken Bradbury

Title: Director and State Geologist

Tel: 608/263.7921
Email: ken.bradbury@uwex.edu


Eric Carson

Title: Geologist
Areas of expertise: Glacial geology

Tel: 608/890.1998
Email: eric.carson@uwex.edu


Pete Chase

Title: Geotechnician
Areas of expertise: Geotechnical services

Tel: 608/265.6003
Email: peter.chase@uwex.edu

Linda Deith
Linda Deith

Title: Senior Editor
Areas of expertise: Publications production, website manager

Tel: 608/263.7394
Email: linda.deith@uwex.edu

Madeline Gotkowitz

Title: Hydrogeologist
Areas of expertise: Groundwater, hydrogeology

Tel: 608/262.1580
Email: madeline.gotkowitz@uwex.edu


Brad Gottschalk

Title: Archivist

Tel: 608/263.7389


Grace Graham

Title: Geologist
Area of expertise: Springs

Tel: 608/263.4125
Email: grace.graham@uwex.edu

Greg Guenther
WGNHS staff

Title: Geotechnician
Areas of expertise: Geotechnical services, groundwater-level monitoring network

Email: gregory.guenther@uwex.edu

Dave Hart

Title: Hydrogeologist, Hydrogeology Program Leader
Areas of expertise: Earthquakes, geophysics, groundwater and hydrogeology, radon, sinkholes and subsidence

Tel: 608/262.2307
Email: dave.hart@uwex.edu


Irene Lippelt

Title: Water Resources Specialist
Areas of expertise: Geologic logs, well constructor’s reports

Tel: 608/262.7430
Email: irene.lippelt@uwex.edu

Sushmita Lotlikar

Title: Administrative Manager 

Tel: 608/262.9418
Email: sushmita.lotlikar@uwex.edu

Steve Mauel

Title: Geographic Information Specialist

Tel: 608/263.3418
Email: stephen.mauel@uwex.edu

Carol McCartney
Carol McCartney photo

Title: Outreach Manager
Areas of expertise: Outreach, data preservation, social media, marketing and communications

Tel: 608/263.7393
Email: carol.mccartney@uwex.edu


Mike Parsen

Title: Hydrogeologist

Tel: 608/262.9419
Email: michael.parsen@uwex.edu


Jill Pongetti

Title: Office Manager

Tel: 608/262.1705
Email: jill.pongetti@uwex.edu

Elmo Rawling

Title: Geologist
Areas of expertise: Landscapes, Great Lakes

Tel: 608/263.6839
Email: elmo.rawling@uwex.edu


Caroline Rose

Title: Geographic Information Specialist

Tel: 608/263.5495
Email: caroline.rose@uwex.edu

Kathy Roushar

Title: Geographic Information Specialist

Tel: 608/265.4683
Email: kathy.roushar@uwex.edu

Pete Schoephoester

Title: Assistant Director

Tel: 608/262.2320
Email: peter.schoephoester@uwex.edu


Aaron Smetana

Title: System Administrator

Tel: 608/890.3320
Email: aaron.smetana@uwex.edu 

Esther Stewart
photo of Esther Stewart

Title: Geologist
Areas of expertise: Bedrock geology, mining regulations

Tel: 608/263.3201
Email: esther.stewart@uwex.edu


Jay Zambito
Jay Zambito

Title: Geologist
Areas of expertise: Bedrock geology; geologic mapping; identification of rocks, minerals, and fossils; stratigraphy

Tel: 608/262.3385
Email: jay.zambito@uwex.edu