Lutz Quarry, aka Vulcan Materials Quarry


Marcasite, Lutz Quarry

Marcasite mass from the Lutz Quarry, Winnebago County, Wisconsin. Mass is about 10 cm. across. Pete Rodewald specimen and photograph.


LOCATION: sec. 29 T.18N. R.16E., east of Hwy 41 on West South Park Street, Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin

ACCESSIBILITY: Working quarry, now owned by Vulcan Materials Corporation.

GEOLOGY: Ordovician Galena and Platteville Formations with local vugs containing a variety of crystals in attractive combinations.


Bornite - masses in vugs.
Calcite - clear to yellow, complex crystals in vugs.
Cerussite - alteration product of galena
Covellite - coating on bornite
Cuprite - alteration product of bornite
Dolomite - drusy, rock-forming mineral.
Galena - cleavable masses and cubo-octahedral xls.
Hemimorphite - alteration product of sphalerite
Marcasite - well formed crystals., iridescent, in clusters.
Pyrite - well-formed iridescent crystals
Smithsonite - alteration product of sphalerite.
Sphalerite - yellow brown xls. and cleavable masses.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES: Chamberlain, 1877; Hobbs, 1905; Midwest Federation, 1954; U.S.G.S., 1976.

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