Violarite FeNi2S4 Isometric

Description: Violarite is a massive grey sulfide formed in hydrothermal deposits with other nickel minerals such as millerite.

IOWA COUNTY: Violarite has been identified at several of the old zinc-lead district mines, particularly in the Linden area. Here it occurs with pyrite, marcasite, galena, sphalerite, clacite and millerite. Some specific localities as given in (Heyl, Milton and Axelrod, 1959) are:
-At the Glanville Mine and Mason Mine in the SW sec. 8 T.5N. R.2E. near Linden.
- At the Mason Mine, SW NE sec. 16 T.5N. R.2E., also near Linden.
- At the Dodgeville #2 Mine, Dodgeville.

LAFAYETTE COUNTY: Violarite occurs with bravoite as dark-grey coatings on and psudomorphs after millerite at the Farrey Mine, NE NW sec. 14 T.1N. R.1E. (Heyl, Milton and Axelrod, 1959).

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