Description: Tetrahedrite forms a solid solution series with tennantite and freibergite in moderate to low temperature hydrothermal deposits.


Tennantite on chalcopyrite, Flambeau Mine, Iron County, WI. Crystal about 0.5 mm. across. Dan Behnke photograph and specimen.

DOUGLAS COUNTY: Irving (1882) reports finding tetrahedrite in "small quantities in traverse veins in copper-bearing rocks". This occurrence has not be subsequently verified.

FOREST COUNTY: Tetrahedrite-tennantite is a rare component of the massive sulfide ores in the Crandon Deposit near Little Sand Lake. Here it occurs with polybasite-pearceite and stephanite intergrown with galena in the massive sulfide ores as well as with silver in the supergene zone. (Lambe and Rowe, 1989).

ONEIDA COUNTY: Tetrahedrite is found in the Lynne massive sulfide deposit, where it is associated with galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, gold and silver minerals. (Kennedy et. al., 1993).

RUSK COUNTY: Tetrahedrite-tennantite occur as euhedral xls. with pyrite, chalcopyrite and other sulfides in the vuggy zones in the Flambeau copper mine near Ladysmith. (Rosemeyer, 1996).

TAYLOR COUNTY: Tetrahedrite occurs at the Bend massive sulfide deposit NW, sec. 2 T.32N. R.2W. northeast of Gilman. It is associated with pyrite, chalcopyrite and gold tellurides. (DeMatties and Rowell, 1991).

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