IXIOLITE (Ta,Nb,Sn,Fe,Mn)4O8 Monoclinic

Description: Ixiolite is a rare dark grey to steel grey mineral found in granite pegmatites.

MARATHON COUNTY: Ixiolite is found as elongated crystals up to 2 mm. long in pegmatites at the Koss Pit (SW sec. 2 T.27 N. R.5E.) SW of Rib Mountain. (Buchholz, Falster and Simmons, 1999, 2000) It is alos tentatively noted from the Maguire Pit in the Ladick Quarry complex (sec. 19 and 20 T. 27N. R.6E.) (Buchholz and Simons, 2002; Buchholz et. al., 2004).

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