Euxenite-Y (Y, Ca, Ce,U, Th)(Nb,Ta,Ti)2O6 Orthorhombic

Euxenite is an uncommon mineral found in complex granitic pegmatites.

MARATHON COUNTY: Euxenite-Y occurs "abundantly" as crystal clusters and masses several centimeters long in a pegmatite at the the Red Rock Granite North Pit along Spring Brook Road, near the interestion with Hghway 107, south of Marathon City. A euxinite-like phase has also been identified at the Ladick Quarry (sec. 19 and 20 T. 27N. R.6E.). (Buchholz and Simons, 2002). An euxinite mineral may also have been found at the Koss Pit on County Trunk O.

Euxinite-(Y) zone in Red Rock Granite North Pit

Euxinite-(Y) bearing area in Red Rock Granite North Pit, June, 2004.

WAUPACA COUNTY: Euxenite- (Y) occurs as small yellow-brown crystals from road cuts in pegmatite cutting granite along County G near Keller Lake, NE of Big Falls. Associated minerals include , fluorite, K feldspar, bastnaesite group minerals, allanite and various sulfides. (Tom Buchholz, 2002, pers. com.)

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