PUMPELLYITE Ca2(Fe+2,Mg)Al2(SiO4)(Si2O7)(OH)2.H2O Monoclinic

Description: Pumpellyite forms during relatively low grade burial metamorphism. It is often associated with prehnite, epidote and chlorite. It is most common in metamorphosed basalts.

BAYFIELD COUNTY: Pumpellyite is found in the NW SW sec. 16 T.43N. R.9W. just west of Hwy. 27 as tiny laths and radiating xls. in amygdules and groundmass in Keweenawan basalts. (Ali, 1982). Ali also refers to pumpellyite as a "subordinate" component of Keweenawan basalts throughout the Grandview-Minong area.
- Pumpellyite occurs as blue-green radiating fibers partly filling amygdules with epidote, quartz (variety agate) K feldspar, calcite, chlorite and bornite in Keweenawan volcanic rocks south of Grandview in the NW SE sec. 5 T.44N. R.6W. (W.S.C. field notes).

DOUGLAS COUNTY: Pumpellyite occurs are radiating fibrous masses with prehnite, epidote, chlorite and copper in amygduloidal metabasalt at the Weyerhauser Mine, NW SE Sec. 12 T. 43N. R. 10W.

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